16 New Zealand Artists
Platform 1, Melbourne 2002.

Lush represents the work of 16 New Zealand artists through the medium of digital print. The ideas discussed by the artists have been initiated by the exhibition space, the medium and the context of showing work internationally. They cover a range of concerns from the limitations and strengths of the medium itself, through to critiquing the semiotics of advertising and tourism. The primary curatorial concern was to produce an artist initiated international project; free from the costs of similar museum based shows. The scope of the exhibition was to allow for a wide variety of issues and individual responses to emerge whilst still offering the solidity of an exhibition space.

Digital media has proven invaluable in this transfer of information and underpins both the physical structure and the philosophy of the project. It offers artists and their ideas access to other arenas without the restrictions of institutional politics; allowing a visable economic solution to a large-scale international show without compromising quality or freedom. The exhibition encompasses the voice of each individual artist and the possibilities of a future, more open exchange of ideas through new emerging technologies.

Bill Riley (2002)