Saturated Skins:

The group show at the Vavasour-Godkin Gallery has 10 artists producing 2m x 1m digital images printed on vinyl. The works are in editions of three and priced at $1750. The title, Saturated Skins, is a desciption of the vinyl skins saturated with ink but also a reference to the suject matter of the works - images related to surfaces and enclosures. A number of works have images of water, with Noel Ivanoff's work Sea Bed a murky underwater form looking like a slumped body. Closer investigation reveals it is a piece of heavy fabric, possibly a blanket (for a sea bed). David Morrison, whose previous work has dealt with the abstract interface between the land, sea and sky, has a work, Eddy, that is a sensual and voluptuous view of water, John Lyall's Museum Berne - Hyper Feral Series is another of his investigations into the way in which museums and galleries create distortions of the world they try to represent. Denys Watkin's Parklands with its model sparrows has an interesting similarity to the works of Michael Parekowhai - a witty commentary on the acclimatisation of introduced bird species.

John Daly - Peoples

National Business Review, April 27, 2001.