The abstract work of Noel Ivanoff at the Vavasour-Godkin Gallery is arranged in simple pairs.

His paintings are done with a mysterious technique that involves beeswax as well as oil colour. Within each pair is a painting done on panel which gives density to the beautiful surface and another which has been printed off the panel and onto drafting film which gives the translucence of delicate porcelain. The artist's experience in Japan is relevant here.

The version printed on the drafting film also takes an intricate pattern of lines form the surface of its mate and there is a further elaboration in that the outline of the stretcher and its bracing can be dimly perceived. This works as an allusion to the process of making and supporting an image or indeed any surface.

Once again, the ordinary - in this case a process rather ten an object - is transmuted into art. This is an extra subtilty that adds depth t an accomplished exhibition which contains some of the most beautiful surfaces we will see this year balancedw with an inner toughness that gives the paired images strength and force.

T.J McNamara, New Zealand Herald, may 29, 2000.